How to Use Your CPD For Growth

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is mandatory for some employees with professional qualifications like chartered accountants, doctors, solicitors, teachers etc. I completed several CPD courses as a finance manager with a multi-national company. The CPD helps you to be more productive, further your career and improve your income, which, at my time, were all the benefits I failed to grasp. I was focusing more on developing the skills I already had and was reluctant to learn new skills. I had a wrong mindset for which I paid a high price!

Thankfully, I have my own business today where I help other professionals to achieve their career goals by showing them how to avoid the same mistakes that I made. So, let me show you three ways to develop your career with CPD.


Be Strategic in Your Thinking

Some might know their weakness and choose to ignore them, while others might need someone to point it to them, which is why your annual performance appraisal is very important, because the report will help you to identify your areas of strength and weakness.

By aligning your CPD to the weak points in your annual review, you are filling gaps in your knowledge and skills to become more productive and efficient. Not only does this make you a candidate for promotion, but it makes you more employable to outside offers. Make no mistake of thinking you will be promoted or get a better job without proofs that you have grown in your current job.


Find New Courses

If your goal is to climb the organisational ladder to the top, then your soft skills development is key. Have a chat with your line manager or the HR department before committing to a study a course. They are there to help you by pointing you in the right direction. Besides, being ambitious is great!

I am not saying this would automatically lead to a job promotion, but if you embrace a growth mindset and learn to embrace change, you will gain the confidence and credibility to stand out from the crowd and be ready for great opportunities. Life is all about growth!


Take Voluntary Roles

There are benefits in taking voluntary roles at your current job. It is a great way of developing your leadership skills. It will also make your resume look more robust. Ask your line manager and the HR for opportunities to take voluntary roles. Take challenges and do not wait to be asked. Prove to them that you are ready!

When your CPD course is over, ensure you apply what you learned to your job. Keep your manager in the loop. All going well, what your manager perceived as a weakness in you, they will now regard as a strength.

I wish you good luck in your choice of CPD courses.

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