Performance Reviews


There was this year at my former job when I had yet another annual performance review with my line manager. In the past he had pointed out some areas where I could improve, but I just ignored him.

Why? Because I had held on to an unhappy experience on a work-related incidence many years back which was never resolved and had made it hard for me to take on new challenges. Thus, I become less motivated at a job to which I had devoted my whole life. It therefore came as no surprise when I was made compulsorily redundant.

This may sound like you, the reader, but I want to assure you that performance reviews are actually good in that they help you to identify your areas of strengths and weaknesses and to set goals for your future performances. In order to ensure you get the best from of your annual appraisal, here are some of what you can do before, during and after your review:


Prepare well in advance

Familiarise himself with the criteria against which your performance will be judged. You need to think about issues raised during your last review as they would surely come up again. Then with confidence and a positive mindset, approach your manager armed with evidence to prove that you have resolved any issues raised since your last review.


Listen during the process

You’ve had a good night sleep, woken early and arrived well in advance before the review started. This tells your manager that you respect their time and it would also make you feel less agitated.

During the review, let your manager do most of the talking. Only talk when you are asked. But do ask them before the review starts if it is okay for you to take notes. Don’t be afraid to ask them to repeat any point that is not very clear to you, restrain yourself from getting upset or emotional and never argue with your manager!

After you’ve listened and taken all on board, ask your manager if they have any suggestions to help you resolve the new weak areas they have mentioned. This way you have demonstrated that you are willing to learn new skills and to take on new challenges. You’re also saying you trust this review is in your best interest.


Be grateful afterwards

When the review is over, thank your manager for acknowledging the areas you have improved since the last the last time which would not have been possible without their help and support. Also reassure them that all the new issues raised today would be dealt with before your next appraisal.  This time, it is your manager who would taking your remarks on board.

Managers are humans and they are not out to take anybody’s jobs. With the right attitude of mind, you should be able to keep your job.

I wish you every success in your next performance review!

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